At first she denied she was adopting an African child [More on that here]. Then she submitted paperwork to pursue the adoption process [More on THAT here.]. Now she's running into problems with people who say she's going about it the wrong way.

Madonna will be going head to head with human rights groups in her efforts to adopt a 13 month old child from the African naiton of Malawi. THe Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) is prepared to call foul on the adoption attempt, saying that someone is bending Malawi's laws to Madonna's benefit. If the Material Girl and husband Guy Ritchie really want the child, they may have to relocate themselves to the African country.

"If Madonna wants to adopt this baby she has to stay here," Morderchai Msisha, a senior constitutional lawyer, told People Magazine, pointing out that Malawi's law prohibits international adoption. "Someone is bending the laws for Madonna."

HRCC aren't the only ones complaining. Pofera Jefremu Banda, a cousin of the child's father Yohane Banda, says his illiterate peasant farmer cousin doesn't really know what's going on and is being exploited. "My cousin is illiterate, he doesn't understand a thing; he was made to sign papers he didn't understand," said Pofera. He says his family is operating under the mistaken idea that Madonna will return the child in a few years once he is grown. "They don't understand that adoption means he is Madonna's child and will even change his name."

On the one hand I feel sorry for Madonna, having so much complication for what is a very generous, albeit perhaps not completely selfless act. However, just because she is who she is doesn't mean she should get special consideration against the law, even if she is pouring millions of dollars into the poor African nation to help its massive orphan population.

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