Madonna has a long history of almost playing the Super Bowl. She was reportedly in negotiations for both 1998 and 2000, but both times either the singer backed out or the deal somehow failed to materialize (pun intended). Now, whispers of a halftime performance have popped up for the third time, but if you believe some of the outlets reporting them, the actual deal is practically done.

According to SB Nation, sources close to the biggest television event of the year have confirmed Madonna will pick up and hopefully improve upon where the Black-Eyed Peas left off last year. Not surprisingly, the NFL has refused to comment on the scuttlebutt, but Entertainment Weekly reached out to Madonna’s rep who said there was “nothing to confirm at this point”. That’s definitely not a no and actually seems about thirty percent of the way to a yes.

I’d speculate this performance is happening, but considering Madonna’s track record, I can’t in good conscience do that. Instead, I’ll tell you, if the Material Girl does perform, I’m a big thumbs up. Other observers have long wished the NFL would move toward including more relevant artists at the peaks of their careers, but most people who watch the Super Bowl are older. They don’t want to see LMFAO bring the party. They just want to sit back and enjoy a few tunes they’re familiar with. Madonna will give them that, plus some actual stage presence. There’s no way she’d agree to do the Super Bowl and then half ass it. She’s an entertainer and is well aware of what will be expected.

In case you’re keeping score at home, this means Lady Gaga will likely play in about twenty years. Get pumped.

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