What is it with men and the gas gauge? They will let getting gas go until the gauge is on ‘E’ and the gas light has been on for a while before bothering to pull in to a station and fill up. Not that I’m saying women never run out of gas – they do – however, it’s usually due to a time constraint or not noticing they are nearly out of gas. Men, on the other hand, are always well aware they need fuel…but they need to push it that much more. What’s walking an extra mile if you can get gas less often, eh?

Apparently, this doesn’t change as men age. For a 65 year-old California man, gas issues came up last Friday. However, instead of trudging to the nearest gas station, the California man had some bigger issues to contend with. On Friday, the man was flying a Cessna 310 twin engine from Monterey, CA. to Hawaii, when he realized he was running low on gas. The Pacific Ocean is a big place and the man realized he would likely run out of fuel with a 100 miles to go before he hit a lush, green, open space.

According to CNN the man did what he could: he spoke with the coast guard, and they prepared him for an emergency landing as he neared land. Even with the prep work, the plane went down before the coast guard could ascertain the man’s safety.

Don’t worry, the man is fine. I tell you this because you seem a little worried. After the plane crashed into the Pacific, the man hopped out and chilled on the wing of the plane until the Coast Guard picked him up. You can check out the crash landing and rescue, below.

I almost wish every man could have an accident of epic but non-threatening proportion to get their act together where fueling is concerned.

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