Pop star and new mother Mariah Carey was on The Rosie Show earlier today, and she looked a whole lot lighter. The forty-two year old gave birth to twins about six months ago, and she’s supposedly dropped seventy pounds since the delivery. On the surface, that sounds like a problem and possible eating disorder, but Carey told O’Donnell a full forty pounds of it was water weight. The further thirty pounds were shed through the help of weight loss program Jenny, and she’s since been hired to be the spokeswoman for the company. With results like that, the new gig should come as no surprise.

Don’t take that first paragraph’s word for it though. Here’s a look at how Carey looked during her interview…

Like most people, I got over Mariah Carey’s hotness at some point. I thought she was positively gorgeous during the early 90s, but after her behavior became a bit erratic and her outfit choices became a bit classless, I kind of got over it. She just didn’t have that spark. Then she disappeared for the pregnancy and returned apparently to remind all those who’d forgotten how sexy she is. Those legs are endless.

I think Mariah Carey is still hot, and I think that picture above proves it. Not just for being forty-two either. I think if she walked into a party, I would still think she was the sexiest woman there. Do you think Mariah Carey still has it? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Is Mariah Carey Still Hot?

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