As soon as Mariah Carey announced that she would be featured in the March edition of ‘Playboy’ this year, eager peepers got in line early…only to find Carey was not to appear sans stretch pants. Naturally, those who only read the magazine for the articles were miffed at hearing about a layered lay-out, but add to the list of annoyed and angered one very vocal and vociferous voyeur, one king-of-all-media, Howard Stern.

However, it isn’t Mariah’s lack of nudity that’s twisting Stern, but instead it’s her pointed comments, blaming him for her mental breakdown in 2001: “Howard Stern had said a lot of mean stuff about me that morning, as he does about everybody every morning, and I think it really got to me. So I gained five pounds. It’s not the end of the freakin’ world. But I was exhausted, and I did collapse later. Then everybody blew it out of proportion.”

Now Howard, who along with Mariah, grew up on Long Island, NY, so you might think that when a girl with big hair comes complaining, he wouldn’t really take umbrage, but Howard has returned fire, and continues to comment. The last few days on his show, the man who broadcasts from space has demonstrated disgust with Mimi’s disparagement, stating plainly that he felt justified in describing what he thought of her body, and that any celebrity who freaks out over his words wasn’t that stable to start with.

He also claims she had called him on it, literally calling him and expressing outrage at someone she felt was a friend. Stern said they had met briefly in the past, but they hardly had a relationship. He says she was really aggravated, and he tried to play it off as “pulling pigtails” on a girl he couldn’t have, but she remained unhappy and the conversation didn’t end with any resolution. She has since stuck to her guns that the ‘Sirius’ star sent her to the loony bin.

Howard scoffs at her accusation, noting that she has been pointing fingers other ways in blame when it comes to her failures, flops and foibles. And after reading more of the ‘Playboy’ expose`, we see that she has also figured out who caused the clunk and flunk of Glitter: “Glitter was such a bomb, but no one ever pointed out that it came out around September 11, 2001…”. That’s right – she’s holding Osama bin Laden responsible for the tanking of her acting tour-de-force.

An appearance in ‘Playboy’ should be pretty and revealing, but what Mariah Carey is revealing about herself here is not really all that attractive.

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