Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay have adopted another baby. Just six months ago, the couple adopted a little girl named Amaya Josephine. Apparently they were bitten by the adoption bug, because now they’ve brought home preemie Andrew Nicolas. Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann will join the happy couple, his sister Amaya, and Hermann and Hargitay’s biological son, August, at home.

According to US Weekly, the decision to bring a second baby into the couple’s home was simple.
“Their hearts were so opened by the [first] adoption. So they couldn't imagine not taking the opportunity to bring another baby into the family."

While it seems a little crazy to have two babies in a home at once if you can help it, I am impressed by the couple’s decision to give a premature baby a good chance at life. Plus, I love it when celebrities give their children legitimate names. Such a stable name won’t pigeonhole that kid into a life of celebrity weirdness and mentions in bad baby name columns.

What this says about Hargitay’s Law and Order: SVU tenure is a little less stable. After waffling this season over whether or not Hargitay would appear through the full season, she decided to stay full time. However, with two little ones on her plate, I don’t know how likely a return to SVU is. Kids are hard work, and Hargitay has three who are under an age to attend grade school. If Hargitay does choose to leave, her decision will be timely and a positive. I can’t think of a better reason to leave a job than to hang out with a couple of super cool kiddos.

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