I love word play almost as much as I love food; so, the following story is right in my Wahlhouse. Famous brothers Mark and Donnie Wahlberg have decided to open another restaurant. Along with chef brother Paul, the trio previously started the highly successful Italian eatery Alma Nove, and now they're looking to expand their culinary empire with a burger establishment called Wahlburgers. Awesome.

The guys had been toying with the idea of starting a cheeseburger business when they were informed a Rochester, New York-based restaurant owned by Tom Wahl had introduced Wahlburgers. Fascinated by the name, they offered to purchase the trademark for an undisclosed but healthy sum. Mark Wahlberg's business partner Ed St Croix officially negotiated and signed off on the deal with Tom Wahl earlier this week, praising his fellow businessman's easy going nature and willingness to give up the rights. St. Croix told the Boston Herald the deal “worked out well for both sides.”

If all goes according to plan, Wahlburgers should be open for business shortly. Its liquor license was just approved, and a suitable location was picked out in Boston's Hingham Shipyard. It just happens to be directly across the street from Alma Nove. The new restaurant will encompass over four thousand square feet with eighty seats inside and a patio accommodating another forty outside.

Ultimately, a business lives and dies by the quality of its product, but to get started, name recognition certainly helps. Who wouldn't want to try a Wahlburger?

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