The celebrity/domestic diva was planning on traveling to England for business meetings when she was shut down by the UK Border Agency. Stewart, convicted of a conspiracy in 2004 involving false statements concerning her sale of a hefty amount of stock in the biotech company ImClone Systems Inc., was denied entry to the county because of her “serious criminal offenses abroad,” according to BBC News.

Most U.S. Citizens are able to travel freely to Britain with only their passport, no visa required. However, citizens who have certain criminal backgrounds, such as Martha’s, must go through an application process to acquire a visa. Let’s face it, on T.V. and adorning the cover of Martha Stewart Living she may look like your average 66-year old grandma figure, but on paper, the old bag is nothing but your everyday felon.

Hey, America denied a visa to England’s Amy Winehouse; so why can’t they turn away America’s Martha Stewart? Come on, everybody knows white collar crime by the domestic queen is just as bad as being a cracked out Rehab reject.

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