New Yorkers are territorial about their city. If anybody attempts to disrupt their way of life, they will fight back. This story is no exception to that. Actor Matt Dillon, a native New Yorker, is trying his best to stop planners from opening a Latin restaurant in his posh Upper West Side neighborhood.

Insisting the dinner would ruin the vibe of his neighborhood, Dillon went to a community based liquor-license meeting on Wednesday to protest the plans for opening up ‘Calle Ocho’ in a vacant building. The restaurant is said to be a Latin dinner serving food, wine, and alcoholic beverages. Complaining that the restaurant would disrupt peace in the area and that it would attract a bar crowd, Dillon tells WENN: “This restaurant is different than a number of restaurants. It's more of a bar crowd. It's more of a nightclub vibe.” Really? It sounds like a normal restaurant to me.

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