Former WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy has once again been arrested, this time after a frantic 911 call by his girlfriend Reby Sky. The desperate model apparently spotted the retired wrestler strung out on pills and was worried he might be a danger to himself. She phoned the authorities and led them to a stash of steroids, ecstasy and painkillers. Hardy had reportedly left the house by the time they arrived, but he later turned himself in.

To many outside observers, it must seem like Hardy has been in freefall mode for the past month. In late August, he was arrested for a DUI, which led to his contract being terminated by employer TNA Wrestling. A few days later, he collapsed at his home and had to be rushed to the hospital. Then he was released, only to post a cryptic video on YouTube that seemed to imply he was about to take his own life. He later clarified it wasn't a suicide note, but another DUI arrest followed, leading many to wonder how much lower he could possibly sink. It seems we got our answer today, but to those who have followed Hardy's career, the problems began appearing years ago.

In 2005, Hardy's longtime girlfriend WWE Diva Lita had an affair with fellow wrestler Edge. The implosion of the couple's relationship caused major turmoil backstage and eventually led to Hardy's release from the company. He publicly expressed his resentment, and even when he was brought back a few months later, a bit of the hostility seemed to remain. In 2010, he was booted off WWE's European Tour and fired shortly thereafter for undisclosed reasons. He once again publicly expressed his resentment and signed with TNA. There, he also encountered problems and was eventually released after this latest spiral began. He announced his retirement from wrestling on September 1st.

No one suddenly wakes up to a sea of problems. Matt Hardy's erratic behavior slowly pushed him closer to the ledge and then the bottom suddenly dropped out, much to the horror of many who never saw it coming. Sometimes though, the consequences all need to hit you at once in order to realize you need to start climbing your way back up. The events of the past month seem to have affected Matt Hardy in such a way, and he took to YouTube to post an honest and sad video about how far he's fallen and the steps he's planning to take to reclaim his life. The WWE has stepped up and offered to pay for him to attend an intensive three month rehabilitation program, and he's already agreed to go. Take a look at his touching words below…

Once upon a time, Matt Hardy was a brilliant wrestler willing to take epic spills to please the fans. The years of hardship have obviously taken their toll. One day, he'll make a wonderful trainer. Pop Blend wishes him nothing but the best in his months of recovery and subsequent career change. Matt Hardy brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces, and I sincerely hope to see that same light in his eyes very soon.

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