In theory, the vibe on a party bus should be excellent. Surrounded by friends and without need of a taxi, its riders should be spending all mental energies on cutting loose, but in order to be privy to those perks, one has to make arrangements ahead of time. You can't just drunkenly join a party bus midway through the night, at least not without getting punched in the face. That's the hard lesson Lost actor Matthew Fox learned Saturday night after he was first denied entry and then hit with a hard right hand by party bus driver in new mood to be assaulted.

The forty-five year old actor was supposedly extremely drunk in downtown Cleveland over the weekend when he boarded a party bus already reserved. Its driver, Heather Bormann, told him he had to find another vehicle to ride in, but he failed to comply. She later released a statement to TMZ claiming the out of it former Party Of Five star responded by punching her in the vagina and breasts. She struck him once in the face before he spit up blood and stumbled backwards.

An off-duty police officer was nearby at the time of the confrontation and handcuffed Fox not long afterwards. He was taken to the police station, and an investigation into the assault was opened. Police are looking into the matter but have not formally charged the actor with any crime. He was released to a friend who accompanied him back to his hotel room in a cab.

It's always difficult to know exactly what happened when you're only getting one side of the story, but it does seem fairly clear from the evidence that Fox was wildly inebriated and did enter the party bus. Why he would have started punching a woman remains unclear. We'll bring you more details as they become available. Until then, let's hope he gets a little better handle on his alcohol limit and stays away from ladyparts unless he's first invited.

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