This October, Maya Rudolph and her family moved into a lavish, luxurious third-floor condominium loft apartment in SoHo, which they rented for an exorbitant $13,500 a month. For that price, one would expect every square inch in that apartment to be immaculate - nothing that would be anything less than acceptable for even the most creme de la creme of our society. Maya and her family found themselves sharing the apartment with a family of equally elite, upper-crust bedbugs, who apparently also share their affinity for high-class living.

A report found on MSNBC's website states that Ms. Rudolph and her family are now suing the brokers of Halstead Property LLC, and the building’s owner, Francis Feeney, for $450,000. As if being feasted on by bedbugs isn’t bad enough, the couple was advised by an exterminator to move out of the apartment for two weeks, for the sake of their one year old baby’s health. They left, although they didn’t come back.

I’m willing to bet that where ever they are living now was given a thorough inspection for any sign of insects, or any other flesh-eating organisms.

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