The ever-pathetic path, the stumbling, jumbled journey of Britney Spears continues to hog the headlines and fill the lens of the salivating paparazzi; the whole ride consistently full of boys who have had to swim furiously in her negative publicity wake.

Justin Timberlake? A former flame who dedicated not one but two songs to Brit's reported cheating ways, and has not only survived her trashy tug, but has moved on to pop mega-stardom. Jason Alexander? Unfortunately for him, he is not the balding cherub from 'Seinfeld', but was the pop tart's Kentucky childhood sweetheart instead. He was brought back into her fold, but just as the press got wind of Jay, he not only became the first Mr. Spears, but hours later he became the first ex-Mr. Spears. A very regular guy, he went from "who?" to hot to not-hot to gone in a Britney minute.

Enter Federline: K-Fed took the world by storm by being the other nobody who married her but, unlike Alexander, didn't have the good sense to remain unfamous. He went instead for infamous, and became Bad Boy Numero Uno for the two years he was making babies with Britney. We hated him for apparently taking advantage of a girl who seemed tricked into loving something bad for her. Now we know, watching her current behavior and looking back on what her ex's had to say, Britney and Britney alone may be her own worst enemy...

So now we meet Isaac Cohen: stubbly, quiet... Britney has been spending a lot of time with the male model, and thusly we ask: Hey Brit – pregnant yet? But, this latest lover seems different somehow; he styles like Fed-Ex, but the 'tude isn't so surly. He may look like Kevin, but people seem to be rallying around him as the guy that might protect Spears from herself. Cohen "is not a player," his agent at L.A. Models, Brandi Lord, told 'People'. "He's got a great heart and a good family, and he was raised well. He's a gentleman."

But he looks so Federline-y; can we be sure? ‘Bitesizenews’ reports his high school ex-girlfriend says he was obsessed with Britney in high school, so could this be a ruse hatched during study hall designed to land a still very financially and famous crush? His ex, Jennifer Sypal, claims he actually called her “Britney” because of her Spears-like features. And why did Britney claim this ship already sunk? She had told ‘X17’ that she and he were no more. Add to that the gay club jaunt: most likely a plan to psych out the photogs, but lately the twist seems to be that Isaac is actively trying to help Britney get her life back together!

Check out this week's snapshots of B.S: two weeks ago it was Brit barfing on the Saac Man, but the latest shots show a change to more conservative clothing. Furthermore, the couple was daytripping recently, and the paparazzi popped shots of the pop star exiting a gas station bathroom...and she was covering herself. Really. The only thing she flashed this time was some self-esteem, and many are attributing this recent ladylike behavior to the steady Cohan hand. The media has been digging, and from blog to blog, from Perez to Hilton, from the T to the M to the Z, every keeps coming up with the same info: he's a really nice person with a great demeanor, and his positive energy has been rubbing off on Spears.

Saving Britney may be a task impossible`, but unlike all the rest, Isaac has demonstrated some real man-i-ness, while not so much man- li-ness. While it may be too early to predict anything, it is very refreshing to say that Britney Spears is possibly doing the right thing for herself.

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