I have been made fun of for a great many things over the course of my short life. You could say I was an easy target without fear of a fight. I was home schooled, I’m an enthusiastic roller coaster nerd, I still build LEGOs, and I’m a goofy looking white kid. None of those things have drawn anywhere near the amount of torment as when I referred to The Little House On The Prairie as “Little House”.

It got worse after the Sawyer character on LOST made the same ‘error’, which effectively reveals to the world that you’re a big fan of Laura Ingalls (later to be known as Laura Ingalls-Wilder, obviously), her pa and ma, and all the drama that went down in that little house. I’m not ashamed that many a boring summer day was spent watching the television show while other kids sat around pestering their parents. It was a great show, and offered a window into family life back in the good ole days. In comparison, the drama of Melissa Gilbert’s (Laura Ingalls) personal life is a little boring.

The 47 year old actress that now moonlights as an infomercial sponsor has filed for divorce from her husband of sixteen years, Bruce Boxleitner, according to ABC News. She's bailing on a marriage that spawned four kids, with the star of many TV shows and movies but probably most notably, Tron. Irreconcilable differences reared their ugly head once again, ending a marriage with little to no public drama. Gilbert’s sister’s marriage ended similarly, so perhaps the sisters can have some bonding over their divorces.

Gilbertwas formerly attached to Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, and John Cusack, so she obviously has the power to attract high profile guys. Maybe next week she’ll be with Sean Penn, that seems to be the thing to do these days.

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