Hollywood has a way of putting a microscope on celebrity fat cells, whether there are what they deem too few or too many. Melissa McCarthy, Emmy winner and hilarious star of the hit summer comedy Bridesmaids, is probably no stranger to such scrutiny, but the plus-size actress has shot to stardom in spite of it.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, the comedienne who just hosted this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, opens up about how becoming a mother helped her deal with her insecurities, and how, now at age 41, she's found that her looks no longer define her.

More power to her, I say. It's refreshing to see a successful woman in the entertainment business who is able to accept herself as is and step up in front of the world with her head held high and speak candidly, without first having to become a spokesperson for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. We don't need all our actresses to wear the same size 2 pants. That's how we end up with movies where we're expected to sympathize with Julia Roberts having tight jeans and "getting fat" after eating a few slices of pizza while on vacation in Italy.

Though really, there is a deeper and sadder irony in the Melissa McCarthy interview. It's the one where she has to detail her struggles with insecurity about her weight to the very same media who probably caused many of those insecurities to begin with. The same media where we get to read this story, and then jump down a couple headlines to see how Leanna Rimes has lost too much weight and something must be wrong with her, or Christina Aguilera has put on a few pounds and therefore has "let herself go."

When you think about it, it's kind of sad I even had to write this article. Rock on, Melissa McCarthy. You're a damn talented woman and you're a hell of an inspiration to all the grown women out there who might now feel a little more empowered to step into the spotlight because of your success and your confidence.

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