Mexican actor Aaron Diaz has split with long-term girlfriend Kate Del Castillo. The 25-year-old denies rumours the split was caused by his reluctance to marry the 34-year-old soap actress and claims it was a mutual decision.

He tells, "Kate and I broke up, but it's all ok. She's an excellent woman, the truth is I respect her. We hadn't said anything about it because it wasn't the right moment, but we talked and now we can say it. It was a beautiful relationship and we're happy.

"We're not going to explain every detail, but the only thing you need to know is that we ended it very, very well, (and) we talk all the time. "I continue to respect and admire her a lot, she's an excellent woman in every sense, I don't have a single complaint. "Her family is great, I get along well with all of them, and fortunately it all turned out for the best." (LJ/WNWCPLE/MT)

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