Edgy--yet always sophisticated, Michael Crichton, legendary author and director, passed away at the age of sixty-six after a long, private battle with cancer. The Jurassic Park scribe was once a promising doctor at Harvard Medical School but his first novel The Andromeda Strain captivated readers and sold a bagillion copies, prompting him to eschew science for a career in the more liberal arts.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Crichton passed away alongside friends and family members last night. He will be fondly remembered for his outlook and views on life, which if boiled down to one sentence might read, “Don’t fuck with science or it’ll turn on you.”

Most people seem to immediately equate Crichton with perhaps his most famous novel and screenplay Jurassic Park, but I’ve always been more of a Great Train Robbery guy myself. There’s just something about shady motives and callous coaches which get me excited. Thanks Agatha Christie.

A public memorial hasn’t yet been announced, but I’m fairly certain some sort of vigil or remembrance ceremony is forthcoming. We here at Cinema Blend would like to send out our sincerest condolences to all those affected by this loss.

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