Earlier this weekend, Julien’s held one of the most fascinating auctions in music history. Bidding on items ranging from one of Paul McCartney’s bass guitars to Elvis Presley’s sewing kit, the lucky winners paid well over the estimates in many cases, but none of the other items even came close to generating the interest Michael Jackson’s famous red “Thriller” jacket mustered. The prized coat, one of two he used in the video, sold for an astounding one million, eight hundred thousand dollars. To put that into perspective, Frank Sinatra’s 1986 Jaguar only sold for nineteen thousand.

It’s not surprising MJ’s wares generated such a flood of activity considering the auction took place almost two years exactly after the singer’s untimely death. Interest in the most famous son of Joe Jackson is nearly as high now as it was during his 80s heyday, but even though he outsold his rivals this weekend, that doesn’t mean he’s really the most popular male singer of all-time. A strong case could be made that Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were both as popular or more popular during their stretch runs.

So, that begs the question: who’s the real King Of Pop? Is it actually Michael Jackson, or is he just the royalty of his era? If Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley reigned during the 1980s, would their goods have sold in the millions? Vote in the poll below and let us know who you think the real king is…

Who's The Most Popular Male Solo Artist?

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