Michael Jordan is getting married. The former Chicago Bull and current Charlotte Bobcats’ owner reportedly proposed to his girlfriend of several years Yvette Prieto, and not surprisingly, she said yes. The successful model and soon to be Mrs. Jordan once dated Julio Iglesias Jr. Luckily for her, that relationship ultimately failed, leaving the door open for the greatest basketball player of all-time to swoop in.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Jordan surprised Prieto with the proposal on Christmas, which shouldn’t come as a shock since over the course of his career, he became extraordinarily good at passing the rock on December 25th. How exactly the next year or so will play out is still anyone’s guess as the couple hasn’t set a date, but since MJ typically does things big, I wouldn’t be surprised if the wedding was a star-studded, black tie affair.

Growing up as a kid in Chicago, Michael Jordan cast his shadow over everything. He was far and away the most famous and the most popular person in the city. Even his wife Juanita was routinely recognized in public, which is why many found it so devastating when she and MJ divorced in 2006. Their separation felt like the first family breaking up. With a new career and a new set of goals, it feels fitting, however, that Jordan is finally and officially moving on.

Pop Blend wishes number twenty-three and his new wife nothing but the best when they walk down the aisle. May this be the last relationship for each.

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