Troubled comedian MICHAEL RICHARDS yesterday (26NOV06) insisted he is not a racist and is "shattered" by comments he made to two black men at a comedy club.

Richards appeared on REV JESSE JACKSON's radio show KEEP HOPE ALIVE, which is nationally syndicated in the US, as part of a series of apologies for an incident at a Los Angeles comedy club on 17 November (06). The former SEINFELD star said her knew his language has hurt the black community and that he hopes to meet with the two young men. Richards told Jackson he had never used that type of language before saying, "That's why I'm shattered by it. The way this came through me like a freight train. "After it was over, when I went to look for them, they had gone. And I've tried to meet them, to talk to them, to get some healing."

According to Richards' publicist, HOWARD RUBENSTEIN, he has begun psychiatric counselling to learn how to manage his anger and understand why he made the racist remarks. Jackson said he invited Richards on the show for a broader discussion about "cultural isolation" in the entertainment industry adding, "We might turn this minus into a plus."

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