Well this breaking news exponentially increases my sympathy level for Mindy McCready. Apparently, the much-maligned country singer wasn’t upset about a boyfriend who left but rather a pregnancy which went wrong. She took to drinking and pounding pills after the miscarriage in a suicide attempt, and for that, she is off to rehab.

According to Access Hollywood, a source close to the situation revealed she was sperminated by a mystery man she’s been dating for about three months. It was reportedly unplanned. She’s currently at an unidentified treatment facility in Arizona where sources say she’ll stay for close to a month.

In other Mindy McCready news, the troubled singer was reportedly in talks for her own reality television show when this mess went down. Normally, when a prospective actor flies off the deep end (see: Tom Sizemore), production companies sever all contact, but with a reality show without pesky lines to memorize (see: not The Hills), the more outrageous drama the better.

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