Mitt Romney is a presidential candidate desperately trying to make himself interesting; which can be difficult for politicians, it seems. The former Massachusetts governor went on the Today Show where he talked about enjoying American Idol and the Twilight novels. It should be noted that he was nowhere near as enthusiastic about either of these things as some are writing, which is what leads me to believe that he’s trying to use these ‘interests’ to remind young people that Republicans “can be cool, too” -- or something.

It is also important to remember that both Romney and Twilight author Stephanie Meyers are of the Mormon religion; which may be why Romeny’s down with Edward and Jacob as opposed to splurging about Ron and Harry. Either way, expect to see a lot more of Romney in the coming months as he attempts to make himself a more attractive candidate for the Republican nomination; which may prove to be a much tougher task than it first appeared. Check out the video of Romney on the Today Show below.

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