Let's just be honest here: the worst thing about buying weed isn't the money or the risk of incarceration; it's dealing with the guy who sells you weed. Pineapple Express played off this concept to hilarious success a few years back, and I myself, in my younger days, was always willing to fork over a little more cash to buy from someone reputable that didn't make me feel like I was about to get robbed or offered meth. Apparently, Montel Williams feels the same way because his new business is catered to treat exactly that problem.

According to TMZ, executives for the Abatin Wellness Cooperative just hired the talk show host to help them create a medical marijuana dispensary that operates like a pharmacy. Offering safe access and a friendly staff, the new business should get off the ground shortly, and Montel will be overseeing every stage of the operation. Good thing he's experienced with green.

Williams has long been a very vocal proponent of medical marijuana. He was diagnosed with MS almost two decades ago, and couldn't escape the constant headaches until weed took the sting off. Now he's looking to offer that same relief to an older demographic previously unwilling to brave skuzzy conditions for herbal help. If anyone could sell weed to old people, it's Montel. Lucky for him he lives in a state that allows it.

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