Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke in front of diplomats at the United Nations earlier this evening, and if he was looking for a strong response, he certainly got it. Delegates from more than thirty countries walked out in the middle of his lecture after he used the forum to blast the United States for killing Bin Laden, question whether the Holocaust even happened and criticize the West for its interventionist policies.

Today's speech was delivered just one day before the much publicized United Nations vote on whether or not to admit Palestine. President Ahmadinejad is well known for his hostile rhetoric and preference for inflammatory statements, but many experts thought he would push aside his hot button issues in favor of a real conversation about the state of the Middle East. Unfortunately, it seems he just couldn't help himself.

According to The BBC, the Iranian President started by blaming weakened Arab infrastructure on foreign meddling. He maligned the United States and other European countries for involving themselves in the foreign affairs of others, but before the topic even had time to germinate, Ahmadinejad radically switched courses, complained about the holocaust and openly wondered how two planes could have possibly taken down the World Trade Center Towers. This is what led to the walkout and a slew of chastising post-speech comments from diplomats all over the world.

I can't say I'm surprised by how today's proceedings went down, but I'm nonetheless still bewildered by President Ahmadinejad's tactics. He could present the most logical, well-informed argument in history, but if he ended it with one sentence about a Holocaust conspiracy, everyone would forget his earlier words. The United States has already publicly said it will vote “no” on Palestine's plea for admittance tomorrow. I'm not here to debate whether that's a wise decision or not, but it is a fact that now is the time to hear every country out on its perspective. Once again, the viewpoints of Iran have gotten nowhere because of ancillary issues that never should have been brought up in the first place.

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