In the case that Tracy Morgan was wondering what Nashville’s tolerance on homophobia was, he got his answer loud and clear. Not funny. Even less funny when violence was added to the mix.

The 30 Rock comedian was performing his standup routine when he launched into a violently homophobic rant. He then followed that by yet another sexist rant. Was he in a bad Mel Gibson/Michael Richards mood? His performance on June 3 had one concert goer so incensed, he posted his displeasure on Facebook. Word soon got out, and now, we have the apology .

So what was actually said? PopEater excerpted some of the Facebook post on its blog, detailing the long list of offensive statements. Morgan starts off by defining appreciating women as a “gay” act. Then, he descends to claim that homosexuality is a choice, that bullies should continue to pick on LGBTQ kids who don’t bully back, and that if his son were ever to come out of the closet he would stab him. I’m sorry, but I think I missed the punch line.

That’s an incredibly large amount of hate from a funnyman. The threat of violence against LGBTQ communities is a very real nightmare. Also according to PopEater, the sexist portion of Tracy’s rant placed the blame for society’s problems on women. He alleges that since women have left the home, children have gotten into more trouble than ever. Wasn’t the sexist spiel already on his HBO special? I could have sworn I’ve heard that “joke” before.

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, GLAAD, and the suits at NBC have condemned Tracy for his attack.

Yet homophobia is still a go-to for commercial comedic appeal. Even the upcoming comedy starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, Friends With Benefits, has multiple scenes depicting negative stereotypes and equating homosexuality as emasculating or sex-crazed. One of the longest running gags of the film features Justin’s art designer character as constantly accused of being gay. There were groans from the audience, and I couldn’t roll my eyes any more without getting dizzy. Sexual and gender orientation just isn’t funny anymore. Grow up.

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