Looking to create a sculpture depicting Canadian and American unity, artist Daniel Edwards went with the most logical choice: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as conjoined twins walking naked on the beach with a maple leaf covering his Biebs and a star covering her Waverly Place. Neither bronze head seems to be giving any notice to the armadillo or goose directly in front, but you can’t expect anything but tunnel vision from a young couple in love. Plus, it’s probably hard to walk sharing a leg. The effort is called Justin And Selena As One, and it’s arguably as creepy as the artist’s famous Britney Giving Birth statue. Take a look at how Bieber and Gomez might look if they were circus performers below…

I’m not sure if the nudity is more off-putting, he is still seventeen after all, or the animals or the whole conjoined bodies mess. I’m all for working outside the box now and again, but I don’t even know who the audience is for something like this. Can you honestly imagine someone paying monkey to keep this in his house? It’s like the jumping off point of a Human Centipede sequel. Perhaps that limited market is the reason why Edwards has decided to display his new statue in a Dallas, Texas sex shop called New Fine Arts.

What do you think? Am I being to harsh on the statue or does it deserve even more criticism? Sound off on Justin And Selena As One’s creepiness in the poll below…

How Creepy Is Justin And Selena As One?

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