It’s official from Reuters! Natalie Portman and fiancée Benjamin Millepied are the confirmed parents of a baby boy! No word yet about the birth, how new mommy and baby are doing, or what the name of the new celebutot will be. US Weekly and Portman fans maybe curious to hear more details, but the tight-lipped Portman doesn’t seem to want to share much more information.

It’s kind of impressive to follow the trajectory of her pregnancy and simultaneous engagement. Basically, it broke over the internets and airwaves back in December, just as her new movie, Black Swan was leaping into theaters. Black Swan happens to be the very set where future mom and dad met. Mr. Millepied was a New York City Ballet dancer hired to train Mrs. Portman for the physically grueling role. This puts that whole dance teacher-dancer subplot in Black Swan into a more awkward “hot for teacher” light. Method acting, right?

But back when the announcement broke and during all the promo for No Strings Attached, Portman did say she intended to keep this part of her life private. I wish her good luck on keeping her secrets to herself. But I’m also waiting on the multi-million dollar offer People magazine will make to have exclusive first rights to pictures of the baby. The profits are sure to be donated to some charity, preferably a dance-related one that will perform “Swan Lake” annually to commemorate the kid’s birthday.

No pressure, but that boy is going to have some impressive pirouettes to turn.

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