Considering newborn babies all look like space aliens, it’s astounding how often parents are spot-on with their name choices. For example: I have a friend named Trevor. Never has a human being looked and acted more like a Trevor, but it’s not like his parents knew that going in. They had no idea he’d work in radio and have a cunning sense of humor. Maybe he ended up being those things because he had the name Trevor. Some psychologist needs to do an experiment on this phenomenon. Honestly, how often do you meet someone, hear his or her name and think, “Yup, that totally fits.” Seventy-five percent of the time? Eighty? It’s utterly bizarre, which is why Natalie Portman’s new son has some strange shoes to fill.

The Academy Award winning actress and her partner Benjamin Millepied gave birth to their first child about three weeks ago, but until today, no one outside their close circle of associates had any idea of the name. Now, thanks to People, we do. The healthy, bouncing baby boy is to be called Aleph. That’s the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and like its Greek sister alpha, means one, the first, or all-encompassing.

Celebrities have always been known for awarding their next of kind outside the box monikers, but I actually don’t think this one is half bad. That being said, this kid better be prepared to be a total badass or he’s going to let down everyone he meets for the next ninety years. What do you think? Is this some hippy bullshit or is it an original and cool handle? Give us your rating in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of The Name Aleph?

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