"Is he or isn't he?" Truly, I don't care, but now even "Canada" is jumping on the band wagon in the pointless quest to out every possible celebrity. Last week Canada.com began hounding actor Neil Patrick Harris about being homosexual [READ MORE ABOUT THAT]. Initially, his publicist was quoted as saying that Harris was "not of that persuasion", but this weekend Harris himself had a different take on the matter.

"The public eye has always been kind to me, and until recently I have been able to live a pretty normal life, Harris told People.com. "Now it seems there is speculation and interest in my private life and relationships. So, rather than ignore those who choose to publish their opinions without actually talking to me, I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love."

First off, kudos to Harris for calling foul on the folks who are pressing this sorts of information without going to the source first. I myself am beginning to draw the correlation between the recent mass "outings" and the season finale of "Will and Grace". It's like someone out there won't be happy unless something about someone homosexual is on TV at least once a week. (Note the recent outing of T. R. Knight as well as the ongoing debates about various American Idol folks).

Second, part of me is really hoping this is a joke. Not because I have a problem with Neil being gay (like I said, I really don't care), but because in the light of his publicist's denial last week and his declaration this week, I would find it hilarious if this was all a joke on those obsessed with outing celebrities. All we need now is for Harris to go on some high profile dinner next week with a female super model and make googley eyes at her all night. I say keep 'em guessin' Neil. They don't deserve the clear cut answer you offered.

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