Rapper Nelly is helping to get his fans in shape with a new fitness DVD. The muscly Hot In Herre hitmaker, who regularly plays basketball, baseball and football, will feature in the first edition of Celebrity Sweat, an exercise regime aimed to keep fitness fans in top condition.

And Nelly is happy to help others achieve the buff and chiseled physique he has become known for. He says, "People think I just woke up all of a sudden and I was this big, but they haven't been paying attention… If you look at the pictures from '04 to now, you can see the change. You can see me go from 160 to 170, 170 to 175, 175 to 180 to 190 (pounds). You put in all this hard work, and people want to discredit you. But you can transform your body in six to eight months. In two years, you can create a whole new person."

The DVD is expected in stores in September (10), reports AllHipHop.com. (MT/WNWCAH/MJ)

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