Summer might fall in the middle of wedding season, but this year, it seems like it’s been riddled with more break-ups than vows. Jennifer Lopez and her husband of nearly ten years Marc Anthony threw in the towel. Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard ended their multi-year relationship, and now Nicky Hilton has split with her very serious boyfriend David Katzenberg.

Son of the Dreamworks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, David may not have the name recognition of some of the men Nicky’s sister Paris has been involved with, but he’s slowly turning into a major player in Hollywood. His production company created The Hard Times Of RJ Berger, and it’s currently developing a few other new shows. This strenuous schedule, along with Nicky’s job as a jewelry designer, reportedly drove a wedge into the four year relationship. The couple toughed it out for awhile, but the time commitments just became too much to overcome.

According to E Online, there actually seems to be no animosity from the separation, as seen by Nicky recently hanging out with David’s twin sister Laura. For those of you reading at home: this is how adults break-up. No reported cheating, no late night carousing, just a couple of good people who couldn’t quite get on the same page. Who knew a break-up story could actually make me like two celebrities even more?

With so much goodwill between the two parties, it seems like a backslide might be inevitable. We’ll see. Jerry Seinfeld would certainly put money on it.

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