With friends like these, who needs Paris Hilton? An unnamed "friend"of anorexic tabloid victim Nicole Richie told the New York Post " Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail."Apparently the same fate as ‘Simple Life’ co-star Hilton may be in store for Richie since her February arrest for driving under the influence of marijuana and painkillers.

Nicole and boyfriend Joel Madden, rocker frontman for Good Charlotte, just announced their engagement. The couple showed up at a recent Los Angeles event with Nicole sporting an enormous engagement ring - a large diamond surrounded by more of the same. Madden can afford it. The bands’ last record “Good Morning Revival” opened at number 7 on the Billboard 200. The concerned fiance’ was there to hold her wrist aloft when admirers asked to see the ring. He was also very attentive of her needs, ensuring she was eating and not toppling over when she stood up. Richie's pregnancy was announced soon after, although the 86-pound celebutard resembles an Ethiopian famine victim. It seems dicey that she has the ability to create a life inside her drug-ravaged uterus.

As for using an unborn child to protect herself from the consequences of a decadent lifestyle comes as no surprise, Richie responds to the same lack of responsibility as her confreres Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. While all three women are incarcerated in one way or another, Ritchie is creating a unique confinement of her own with the possibility of dragging someone down with her. Please Nicole if you really are pregnant, eat a sandwich. Eat two!

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