Twilight star Nikki Reed and American Idol contestant Paul McDonald tied the knot yesterday. After dating for around half a year, the 23 year-old actress and the 27 year-old Season 10 contestant wed at a private ranch in Malibu. I’m sure the ceremony was loo-vely and the bride was blushing and all that crap, but c’mon, I know you are here to learn about the accessories.

Those of you who are taking a break from “Occupy”-ing something probably don’t want to keep reading. This is because the gown Reed wore for the ceremony was fastened together in the back by 100 diamond buttons. Like legitimate diamonds. According to US Weekly, wedding jeweler Tacori was responsible for the buttons, as well as Reed’s engagement ring and the wedding bands. If diamond buttons were not enough, the dress also had a glamourous silhouette, and was decked out with a six-foot train. Tacori representative Michelle Adorjan says the dress was simple, however.
"A little over 100 carats just on the buttons! But it's simple and beautiful."

It all seems a little more excessive than simple, but I guess if you have the money, why not invest thousands and thousands of dollars on a dress less than 100 people will see you in that you will get to wear once for three hours? Perfectly responsible. Anyway, here’s to hoping the happy couple stays happy. If not, Reed can always sell her wedding dress to pay for McDonald’s spousal support.

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