I guess the family that shoots up together, stays together. Sixty-seven year old brilliant dumbass Ryan O’Neal was arrested for the only-god-knows-how-many time this morning for, yup, you guessed it, drugs. Along with the Academy Award winner, the 5-0 also booked Ryan’s son Redmond, who looks like the illegitimate son of Prince William and Donna from That 70s Show.

According to The New York Daily News, the illegal drug, believed to be white trash favorite meth, was discovered during a routine probation check at the home they share. Each of their bails were set at ten thousand dollars.

This family crisis is just the latest in a long series of litigation fuck-ups involving the O’Neals. Earlier this year, daughter Tatum was arrested for heroin possession. You may remember her as the little girl in Paper Moon who won an Academy Award, married John McEnroe, and proceeded to flush it all down the toilet one drug-induced, promiscuous night at a time.

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