Earlier this afternoon, the internet was awash with reports that OJ Simpson confessed to murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The jailhouse reveal was purported to have been given to Oprah Winfrey and featured an elaborate story about self-defense. Unfortunately, it's not true. In fact, it's not even an exaggeration of the truth. It's just an outright lie.

It all started this morning with a report in the National Enquirer alleging that the confession was given and would be aired on OWN in the near future, but Winfrey never interviewed OJ Simpson. Last week, the beloved talk show host openly discussed her deep-seated desire to get the former football player to admit his culpability in the crime that captivated the Nation, but longing to do something and actually accomplishing said feat are miles apart. I want to be a contestant on Top Chef, but I only know how to make like five total dishes.

The lies were officially debunked by the Hollywood Reporter after the news source spoke directly with a spokesman at Oprah's Harpo Studios. Go ahead and permanently drop it in the bullshit file. There's just nothing truthful about it.

Listen: I'd love to have closure in the OJ Simpson case just as much as everyone else who lived through the circus trial, but there really seems to be no incentive whatsoever for the Juice to speak publically. He's currently in jail on an unrelated charge, and I highly doubt he's interested in distancing himself from the few supporters he has left.

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