2011 has been a year filled with storms and fallen trees. In a bad storm last May, Indiana University saw hundreds of trees felled onto houses, campus buildings, and pathways. In July, a powerful storm tore through Ohio, causing major damage to the oak tree that is a big part of Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption. Efforts have been made to replant trees on IU’s campus and to potentially save the oak tree made famous by the film. For another oak, however, these efforts were not an option.

The tree that stopped Tiger Woods’ Escalade way back in 2009 has bit the dust. Apparently, the tree had been in bad shape ever since the car crash that ruined Woods’ reputation with the populace commenced. When new owners bought the house, the oak was the first thing to go. According to TMZ, fittingly, a Porta-Potty now stands in the location where the tree used to be. Unfortunately for the tree, no long-term save-the tree plans were created. Instead, the tree was simply gotten rid of.

The new owners plan to put a new tree in the space the oak once occupied. It’s the owner’s property, and they obviously did what they wanted. Regardless, if that were my property and there were any way I could save that tree, I would have. Then I would have auctioned that sucker off to the highest bidder. But maybe I’m just speaking as a Mickelson fan. If I had the bling to live in Woods' neighborhood and I couldn’t give a shit about golf, perhaps I would feel differently.

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