Limp Bizkit’s music is ok. It’s neither revolutionary nor intolerable. Their sound, whether you want to call it rap-rock, nu-metal or rap-metal, it’s easily classified as just Limp Bizkit. After 6 years in hiatus, the rockers are going back to work on a new LP titled: Gold Cobra. Don’t expect a new direction for the album either because according to Fred Durst, the lead singer, they’re new album: "is (just) what we do. The evolution has brought us full-circle. We're Limp Bizkit. And if you didn't like it before, you're not going to like it now. If you don't want to hear a band that plays super-heavy grooves with an MC rapping over it, then you shouldn't listen to Limp Bizkit."

According to MTV News the new album is rife with the same heaviness, but with less screaming and more “bouncy swag.” Whatever that means…

When Bizkit came into recognition during the late 1990’s, Fred Durst and the band was a festival staple. They even had a hand in the 1999 Woodstock riots. After the success of their albums Significant Other and 2000's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water Durst’s fellow bandmate Wes Borland and him had a falling out. That is over with now, MTV believes that Durst has turned away from aggression and transformed into a peaceful, productive member of society.

So, Limp Bizkit is making a new album. Durst and Borland are friends again. But hears the big question: do enough people still listen to Limp Bizkit to actually care? I really hope not. Other bands are doing rap-rock better than they ever had. I.E: Childish Gambino.

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