This week’s been a pretty slow week for music, unless you are the opposite of Simon Cowell and love Adele or still remember Solange Knowles has a music career. Luckily, the Arcade Fire team is in the middle of a tour, and the band is pretty busy putting together some new music for fans. Back in March, the band began playing a new song called, “Crucified Again,” while touring in Haiti. Recently, however, someone in New York managed to tape the new track, leaving this week’s One Track Sunday to celebrate all things Win Butler.

The live performance of “Crucified Again” is a slow endeavor, with notes that are both a little sweet and a little somber. The live fan video itself doesn’t compare to some of the cool things the band has done to merge music with video content (see the interactive short film “We Used to Wait” on Google Chrome), but it does make me hope we will get a new single from the fairly prolific group sooner rather than later.

Arcade Fire is currently working on its fourth studio album, with Consequence of Sound reporting the album is close to completion and may be headed our way soon. Hopefully, we’ll have a less grainy video to report in the near future, but if not, I guess there is always Solange Knowles hopping around in the dust in neon costumes available for your viewing pleasure.

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