In the immortal words of Tracy Morgan, Bond, Lamont Bond. Fresh off the election of Barack Obama, Sean Puffy Combs has announced his campaign to take over for current James Bond actor Daniel Craig. The thirty-nine year old hip-hop mogul/ restaurateur/ father of five is almost legendary at this point for venturing into dozens and dozens of money making ventures which run the period table from music to fashion. You can’t fault a guy from grabbing those dollar bills.

According to Music-News, Combs recently spent almost a million dollars making a YouTube video to advertise his new cologne and audition for the next James Bond movie. Unfortunately for Combs, Quantum Of Solace debuted to the tune of seventy million dollars, meaning Daniel Craig will more than likely reprise his role in the next film.

Speaking about the possibility of having a black James Bond, Daniel Craig said, “I think the role could easily be played by a black actor, because the character created by Ian Fleming in the 50s has undergone a great deal of evolution and continues to be updated."

Let’s be clear: Sean Combs will never play James Bond in an actual studio-funded film, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere down the road James Bond was given a little more soul.

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