We've all been saying it for years, but now on the eve of her first music album's debut The Guinness Book of World Records has decided to make it official: Paris Hilton is the most overrated celebrity in the world!

For those of you who have watched with dismay the rich girl with decidedly little artistic talent land her own TV series, movies and music albums, your day has come. You can now hold your head high and declare that she is the most overrated celeb, knowing that it's not just your opinion: it's fact.

How did the world's official scorekeeper come to such a seemingly subjective decision? The New York Post's Page Six got the word from a spokesperson at Guinness. They say the decision was based on your votes! That's right, the book collected the rankings from magazine polls to determine who readers felt were their "least favorite" and "most overrated" celebrity. Maybe there's some value to those shallow polls after all.

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