This morning, with a 9/11 hat and a reflective expression, Paul Simon took the stage during the 9/11 remembrance ceremony and sang “The Sound Of Silence”. I've heard the songwriter belt out the track dozens of times during plenty of different situations, but never have his words seemed so moving. Holding up signs honoring their departed loved ones, many in the crowd exchanged hugs and cried as the old troubadour perfectly accompanied the moment.

Ten years ago, a little more than a week after 9/11, Simon sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during America: A Tribute To Heroes. That performance, along with his rendition of “The Boxer” on Saturday Night Live and Paul McCartney's stripped down version of “Yesterday” at The Concert For New York, are the first three post attack musical memories I have. Today may have topped them all. Take a look at the footage below…

More than three thousand people lost their lives at Ground Zero. I didn't know any of them, but in their pictures and stories, I am constantly reminded of attributes I find familiar. In beautiful smiles, caring expressions, moments of bravery, acts of compassion and final phone calls, I see those I love and those I wish I could live up to. I cried this morning during Paul Simon's performance. At first, out of sadness, for the lives cut short but later, out of joy, for the spirit that still remains. Many of our best and brightest were taken that September morning, but their warmth lives on in millions of people who will never forget.

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