While the rest of the world seems poised to serenade Michael Phelps every time he walks, talks, or takes a shit, I’ve been a little more reserved with my devotion--mostly because he’s supposedly a bad teammate and obsessively listens to shitty rap music. Well, now that the eight medal brouhaha and Amanda Beard hookup rumors have died down, Phelps has taken his guard down long enough for the media to obsessively pry to find out who he’s currently dating. And the answer? Caroline Pal.


According to TMZ, Pal is a part-time model and cocktail waitress at Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas. She has scantily-clad photos plastered all over the internet and somehow, convinced Michael Phelps to take her home for Thanksgiving. Well played, Mr. Phelps. We all go through a sleazy cocktail waitress phase; though, in the case of George Clooney, that phase can turn into a life choice.

As much as I’m all for keeping your attention on Cinema Blend, I’d encourage you to hop over to TMZ to check out the expansive photo gallery they have on Miss Pal. Woowza.

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