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Over the past few months, the NYPD has been to Katie Couric’s Upper East Side apartment almost a dozen times. Prior to each visit, 911 received a call from a home line registered to the talk show host’s late husband Jay Monahan. Unfortunately, neither Couric nor anyone else in her residence was actually making the calls, and now police are investigating whether the line has been hacked.

According to The New York Daily News, Couric told the story to her live studio audience earlier this week after she showed up late and appeared tired for a taping. She said she hadn’t slept much the night before because of the latest of these incidents, most of which have occurred at exactly 2 AM on Tuesday mornings.

Police are currently investigating the situation, and right now, there are reportedly two workable theories. Either there’s a malfunction in the phone line that’s causing it to alert 911, or someone has hacked into it and is intentionally causing it to alert the authorities. Given all the recent high profile swating incidents in Los Angeles, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think something similar is happening in New York, but without any concrete facts, that’s merely a hypothesis at this point.

As for why the line is still in Monahan’s name, sources close to the situation are saying there was simply no reason to change it over. The family hasn’t switched services since his passing, and as a result, there was never any reason to remove his name from the bill.

Here’s to hoping this issue gets sorted out without many more sleepless nights.

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