Former television producer and Pimp My Ride co-creator Bruce Beresford-Redman is in a bit of a pickle. After his marriage faltered – supposedly due to a long-term affair on his end – the producer decided to take his wife and kids to busy, sunny Cancun for a vacation. Things could have gone swimmingly; however, several days into the vacation, Beresford-Redman’s wife, Monica, disappeared from the resort the family was staying at.

Her body was later found in a sewer cistern. Initially, Beresford-Redman was suspected of killing his wife, with nearby hotel guests stating they heard abrasive arguments and defensive shouting between the couple on the night Beresfor-Redman’s wife disappeared. Unfortunately, he departed from Mexico and returned to Los Angeles to escape the investigation.

Cancun authorities and Mexican police are not letting the issue lie, however. According to The Associated Press, Beresford-Redman has been hanging out in a federal prison near Los Angeles. After fighting extradition, he is now resigned to plead innocent and be tried by a judge in Cancun. If he is found guilty of the murder of his wife, he could get sentenced to between 12 and 30 year in a Mexican prison. Beresford-Redman is 40 years old.

Pop Blend doesn’t have all of the details surrounding the investigation, but we do know anytime a person flees a crime, it makes him or her look bad, if not guilty. For Beresford-Redman’s children’s sake, I hope the whole thing is a misunderstanding, but it’s not looking good for the once-successful television creator.

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