Actor Brad Pitt wants to emulate the career of movie veteran Paul Newman - and believes it wise to move into semi-retirement before too long.

The 43-year-old has recently voiced concerns that he is getting "too old" for Hollywood, and admits 82-year-old Newman - who is famously selective with his movie choices - is his perfect role model.

Asked how long he will keep on acting, he tells U.S. chatshow host Larry King, "I don't know. I always see it... becoming less and less of a focus as I get older. I think it's really more of a younger man, younger woman's game.

"(But) I'd like to drop in if I'm still invited every few years or so. Look at Newman. I like the way Newman does it. He's got such elegance and class to it all."

And Pitt has ruled out any plans to go into theatre, adding, "That was never my calling as they say. So at this point, takes so much time there's just other things I'd rather be doing." (CG/WNVKIN/MT)

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