Actor Jeremy Piven, who recently pulled out of Speed The Plow amidst crazy rumors of diva behavior and mercury poisoning, reportedly picked up his new girlfriend, model Ashley Chontos, via text message. The Entrouage star was in New York City celebrating Brit Brit’s birthday and collecting an insane amount of phone numbers when he decided to leave, sending a mass text message to all the girls he’d met saying, “Come to my room--whoever responds first gets me for the night.” Do people actually operate this way? It’s like NPH in Harold And Kumar come to life.

According to The New York Daily News, Chontos was not Piven’s first choice for the evening (and she knows this), but the two reportedly spent the night together and it went well enough for him to invite her out West as his date for the Golden Globes. How sleazy.

In a related story, I saw former Jeremy Piven best friend John Cusack at the Chicago Blackhawks game with his family the day after Christmas. Awhile back, rumors were flying that the pair were no longer friends because Cusack couldn’t handle Piven’s success. Both men have certainly gone in different directions since they appeared together in Say Anything, and now I’m starting to think Cusack may have made the right choice by distancing himself.

Look: I’m not disparaging anyone for getting random ass. A guy has needs. Sometimes it happens. But sending out a classless text message asking women trying to meet people and find their big break to come to you room is pathetic. And for the record, Entourage isn’t even the best show on HBO.

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