It’s hard to escape red, green and holly-oriented reminders once the Christmas season gets into full swing. There are commercials and episodes geared to the holiday on television, there are lights and decorations abounding on people’s lawns. Businesses too are filled with holiday cheer from window displays to various decor - my hair salon keeps four boxes of Christmas stuff for the studio. Oftentimes the radio offers a little respite from the holiday frenzy, only popping in one Christmas song per hour or so and saving the rest of its time for regular programming. That may not be continuing for much longer.

In recent years, many radio stations have opted to switch to full time Christmas formats during the holiday season. For ultimate Christmas lovers, this could be a dream come true. For lovers of hip-hop or hard rock stations, this could be a nightmare. Still, vice president of programming at CBS Radio’s Greg Strassel says there are no real downsides to switching the regular format.
"Nine times out of 10, many new listeners pour in, outweighing the listeners that do opt out.”

Radio ratings during this time certainly stand behind him. According to THR, it’s not crazy to hear ratings have doubled at a station that has changed its format to Christmas music. Where there are ratings, there is advertising revenue, and, because of this, major radio company Clear Channel has opted to switch over 100 of its 650 channels this season. I guess we should plan on having “A Holly Jolly Christmas” at least twice a day for the next month.

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