The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office has uncovered new information about the death of actress Natalie Wood, and as a result, they’ve decided to reopen the investigation. The Academy Award nominee’s family has long petitioned the investigative unit to take a second look at the coroner’s accidental drowning conclusion, but without witnesses and alternative leads, there was simply nothing detectives could do. Now rumors are swirling that Dennis Davern, the captain of the Yacht she was aboard that fateful night, has new insights about the case and is ready to talk with police.

After spending Thanksgiving with her family, Natalie Wood and her husband Robert Wagner decided to invite Christopher Walken for a weekend on their yacht, Splendour. On Saturday night, several people aboard nearby boats heard a woman call for help. Shortly thereafter, Wood’s lifeless body was pulled out of the water, clad in a nightgown, down jacket and socks. Investigators speculated she likely tried to fix the boat’s dinghy and heavily intoxicated at the time, fell into the water. The solution sounds highly probable, but it’s never been universally accepted.

According to Reuters, police have set up a tipline and are encouraging anyone with information to call in. After three decades, the chances of finding new witnesses are a bit slim, but given her fame at the time of the accident, as well as the intense media coverage, it seems likely those who were in close proximity would remember the night very well.

Regardless of what the reinvestigation uncovers, let’s hope it brings closure to Wood’s family members along with her millions of fans.

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