Yesterday, details started to emerge about a frightening massacre in Texas. Seven people were dead inside a middle-class apartment, their bodies scattered around recently opened presents and a neatly decorated tree. A full day later, the full story has not yet emerged, but police do have an idea of what they think might have happened. If true, it’s perhaps even more unspeakable than you might expect.

Authorities are hypothesizing that six family members spent Christmas morning socializing and opening presents. At some point, a seventh relative arrived dressed as Santa Claus. He opened fire, gunned down the rest of his family and later took his own life. According to CBS, a phone call was placed inside the residence to 911 at around 11:30 AM. A rescue operator was unable to communicate with anyone on the line; so, emergency personnel were dispatched to figure out what was happening. When no one answered, they forced their way inside and found the horror story described above.

Because the autopsies have not even been completed yet, the identities of the victims, as well as the suspect, have not yet been released. In time, the specifics will come out. Maybe even a motive will emerge, but regardless of what comes to light, nothing will ever be able to justify what happened. Seven people are dead, and a beloved character that means the world to millions of children was perverted to carry out a vicious massacre.

Pop Blend sends out its thoughts to the surviving friends and family members, as well as the entire community of Grapevine.

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