Drunk driving is never a good idea and Celebrity Stink strongly condemns the highly dangerous and illegal activity. That said, we're still not above reporting when it happens, especially when we can use gratuitously entertaining headlines like this.

On Friday Ellen DeGeneres and her (insert your preferred lesbian partner term here - heaven knows I don't want to offend anyone by messing that up) Portia de Rossi were out for a drive in Ellen's 2006 Porsche Carrera and pulled up to a stop light in sunny LA. Two men in a Buick Le Saber pulled up behind them followed by a woman in yet another Porsche Carrera (whether your on the street or in jail, you only get that kind of a line up in LA).

The driver of the second Porsche failed to stop at the light and hit the back of the Buick which in turn bumped Ellen's car. No one was seriously injured but according to People the driver who started it all was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

While it wasn't technically a celebrity busted for DUI, this may be as close as we're going to get to rounding out the "bad things happen in threes" theory that began with Mel Gibson and continued with Haley Joel Osment.

Well, there's one thing Ellen can't complain about: she had plenty of documentation of her vehicle's damage. Insurance agents need to look no further than the latest Access Hollywood for the necessary images. No doubt SmokingGun.com will have the police report available as soon as possible too.

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